Position Summary: Research Fellow

NFPRC is seeking dynamic and enthusiastic scholars-administrators to join the team as Research Fellows (RF). As mentioned earlier, each RF will be heading one or more Research Group(s). The RFs will need to drive the research agenda of their research group(s), establish collaborative engagements with the other research groups, as well as help build and add to the intellectually stimulating environment of NFPRC.

As an RF, you will typically have a Doctoral or advanced Master’s/ Post-graduation certificate or degree from a university whose commitment to academic excellence is undisputable. You will also have a policy research and/or policy implementation experience of about five to ten years, preferably in an environment which favours speed although not at the cost of rigor. One may want to draw an analogy from the background of an excellent consultant who has her feet tied to the ground and who recognizes the value of good research; or an academic who aspires to work in an action-packed environment and knows the need for sense of urgency in policy matters. In either case, the idea is to alloy a thinker and a doer, with a little bit of sense of humour (working with government extensively will require the last one the most).

Applicants with a fertile mind and dynamic attitude looking to work in a high action research environment, with an aim to make a difference in the lives of people, may find this opportunity to be of interest. Government, academia and industry will be the intersection of most of the work.

The appointment is full time, and permanent, based out of New Delhi. Travels will be expected.

Key Responsibilities

Research Fellows will act as Scholar-Administrators responsible for the quality and delivery of the work assigned to their Research Groups.


  • Commitment to the idea and philosophy of India as an embodiment of a nation and a culture
  • Engage with a culturally diverse group pf people both within and outside NFPRC
  • Conduct competent people management, particularly intellectual, emotional and academic supervision of Research Associates
  • Contribute to self and organizational learning across domains
  • Organize and participate in sessions, events and dialogues within the aegis of NFPRC
  • Ability to work with people of diverging viewpoints and personalities
  • Work closely in professional capacity with people, industries and bodies that the Executive Body of NFPRC recommends
  • Continuously monitor designs and implementation of ideas coming out of the Research Group to ensure academic excellence and integrity
  • Ability to handle stress, and multiple projects at the same time


  • Conduct and/or help conduct original, empirically-sound, high-quality and in-depth research on policy projects that come to the Research Group
  • Help build and foster research partnerships across other Research Groups as well as with universities, industry partners and other stakeholders, in consultation with the Executive Body of NFPRC
  • Prepare impactful reports, research notes, presentations and other scholastic material
  • Coordinate and organize continuous engagements with the governments, and members of Research Advisory Council of NFPRC to advance the agenda of NFPRC’s Research Group
  • Actively participate in, and where necessary help to organise research seminars, workshops and other research and training activities of NFPRC
  • Organize and attend consultative sessions with stakeholders
  • Mobilize grants, projects, new programs and reshape policy thinking in NFPRC inspired by immediate as well as long term local and global needs
  • Publish in high quality, peer-reviewed articles in refereed journals
  • Constantly publish opinion pieces and shorter op-eds in national dailies
  • Ensure the quality management of any written produced by the Research Group(s)

Leadership & Administrative

  • Actively participate at NFPRC meetings and contribute to planning activities or other work to support capacity building in the organization
  • Contribute to, or present research to the public to elevate awareness of important developmentsin the policy domain of the Research Group, and promote critical enquiry and debate within NFPRC wherever appropriate
  • Promote research, scholarly activities and outreach that will advance the academic/advisory excellence of other Research Fellows and Research Associates in research and professional capacity
  • Demonstrate and promote values of NFPRC including diversity of thoughts, knowledge creation and high standards of ethics and integrity
  • Assist in internship and placement programmes of NFPRC
  • Represent NFPRC at various national and international events
  • Recruit excellent candidates for building a team of Research Associates

Selection Criteria


  • A PhD in relevant subject from a globally reputed university, with outstanding educational qualifications, or an advanced Master’s/Postgraduate-equivalent degree/certificate from a globally renowned university/higher education institution
  • An emerging teaching/research/advisory track record, demonstrated by policy experience (planning or implementation or both) and recognition of high-quality research outputs
  • Experience in working with minimal supervision, and ability to prioritise tasks to achieve project objectives within timelines
  • Demonstrated capacity to communicate research concepts to technical and non- technical audiences
  • AExcellent written and verbal communication skills, demonstrated by presentation of research results at conferences, internal forums and through report submissions
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including an ability to interact with internal and external stakeholders (academic, administrative and support staff both within and outside NF)
  • Ability to motivate and inspire teams
  • Possession of good sense of the research and technology frontiers, with a keen eye on global trends related to the relevant discipline, both industrially, governmentally and academically
  • Demonstrable record of cooperating and working with government bodies on various kinds of projects.
  • Five-ten years of relevant experience of working in the domain area of the Research Group
  • Ability to understand outcomes, its scalability and replicability
  • Ability to draw large scale insights, as well as possessing an eye for detail
  • Entrepreneurial understanding of dynamically challenging organizations and landscapes
  • Strong EQ


  • Relevant exposure
  • Experience or interest in cross-disciplinary projects
  • Experience in assisting with supervision of cholars/administrators
  • A demonstrated interest in research and policy innovation
  • First class networking skills and an ability to build and nurture external contacts and partnerships, working with government organisations
  • Familiarity or openness towards diverse views and managing onflict
  • Patience and humour (actually hugely desirable)

Interested candidates are requested to send an email to samparka@nationfirstpolicy.org attaching the following:

  • A CV listing educational background, publications, consultations, talks, advisory experience, projects, and other applicable experience
  • Two names and contact details of referees who NF can get in touch with If your CV is longlisted, we will send you an Application Form with some key, subjective questions to know more about your skills and attitude.
  • After shortlisting of the forms, you will be called for a minimum of one round of interview. The interviews may take place online or physically, although we strongly prefer the latter.
  • Successful candidate is expected to report in New Delhi immediately after selection. Selection will be on rolling basis and we hope to fill the vacancy before April-May 2021.

Note: Personal data provided by applicants will be kept confidential and used for recruitment purpose only.