Nation First Policy Research Centre (NFPRC) works closely with the government to advance relevant policies and effective on-ground implementation. NFPRC conducts rigorous, in-depth research and employs systems thinking to arrive at creative policy solutions, and works in close consultation with the government and public institutions to implement policies on the ground. NFPRC undertakes both extensive, peer-reviewed research for long term projects, as well as incisive, quick-turnaround research for actionable agenda. By leveraging its research capacity, NFPRC assists the Government in reviewing old policies, formulating design and implementation strategies for new ones and finding ways to enhance the on-ground effectiveness of ongoing schemes. In addition, NFPRC also conducts impact evaluation of existing policy interventions to identify lacuanaes or roadblocks and suggest remedial actions.

NFPRC has consciously steered clear from falling into the trap of creating another scholastic silo or a stand-alone intellectual island. The process of consultations is therefore institutionalised through its Research Advisory Group(s) comprising academicians, civil society members as well as private sector representatives on each identified Research Topic. Functionally, therefore, research at NF is manifested through its formal research, of which RAGs form a critical component as well as its Policy Observatory. The former develops background papers; situational analysis papers (problem statements); and approach papers (policy design). The Policy Observatory picks up and distils ongoing issues in the country’s policy world to prepare policy briefs and create policy intel for our leadership. It is our aim that the Policy Observatory functions in a manner that demand for its research emerges from within the government forging ahead.

NFPRC is open to developing collaborative partnerships to build on existing knowledge while being dedicated to nation building, knowledge creation and solving India’s pressing policy problems. Additionally, it is committed to the vision of India that is built on the foundations of Sarvodaya, Antyodaya and Gram Swaraj.

NFPRC is an initiative of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini.



  • Study the existing and upcoming government policies, schemes and regularly provide research-based inputs and recommendations; and propose policy reforms to the government, in alignment with the ‘Nation First’ philosophy.
  • Design and implement policy decision-making for the government by helping disseminate veracious information and providing timely feedback on ground-level challenges.
  • Aggregate and build on existing research on policy issues by identifying and further researching areas that will be beneficial for successful implementation by the government.
  • Grow as a thought leader contributing to the immensely dynamic and evolving public policy space in India and use the power of ideas that come from social and political practices to inform debates and deliberation. Furthermore, channelize these ideas in the right direction for greater impact.
  • Finally, build a research-driven policy ecosystem that could be scaled up as a decision-making support system for political leadership.




Sudhir Mehta

Chairman & MD, Pinnacle Industries Limited President & Director, MCCIA

Executive Board


Dr. Yugank Goyal

Professor, OP Jindal Global University

Sahil Deo

Co-founder, CPC Analytics

Udaya Bhaskar

Renowned Activist & Civil Society Member

Dr. Samir Kagalkar

Experienced Public Policy professional with a PhD from IIMB